One of the first things needed in civil site design is a thorough site-specific assessment.


At Daniel Scott Engineering, our in-house experts complete site analysis, including reviewing existing information, floodplain assessment, surveyor coordination, develop preliminary and final drainage, grading, paving, and utility plans for client review, permit drawings, and final construction drawings.


Depending on the project, we can also provide Construction Administration and/or Construction Oversight. We do it all.



Daniel Scott Engineering will perform a thorough assessment of all existing conditions of your site before we get started.

Our in-house experts can lay out parcels, create corridors, and design pipe networks to fit your project into the design parameters of the governing City, County, and Drainage District.

Land Planning

Developing the best plan to optimize the use of location of buildings, roads, sidewalks, etc. on a plot


Creating an accurate and legal description of a piece of property, including property lines, in map form


Meeting one-on-one with engineering professionals to discuss site design needs and plans

Why Daniel Scott Engineering?

While we’re getting the lay of the land, we are also looking at the regulations and statues that will impact the project. We make it our business to stay in the know about the appropriate best management practices for flood control, drainage and erosion control, building codes, and zoning regulations in the Houston area, for the state of Texas.

We strive to have a clear understanding of every aspect of your project before we start the design. The DSE family is knowledgeable of local, state, and federal laws and restrictions.

Here are a few reasons you should hire DSE for your civil site design project:


We have been in business since 2007


We use state-of-the-art software for designing and modeling


We go the extra mile to make sure we don’t waste your valuable time and money

frequently asked questions

Do I really need to hire a professional engineer (PE)?

Yes. A professional engineer has the registered credentials to be licensed in your state to design your project. They are held to a high standard of professional ethics to ensure public health and safety.

My property is in a flood zone. Can you help with that?
Yes. We have many years of experience producing site designs for flood plains typical to the greater Houston area.
What software expertise do you have for civil site design?

We use computer aided drawing (CAD) software. For mapping, we use GIS software. 

My site has a septic system. Can you help us?
Yes. We’ve completed designs on sites with and without septic, particularly in and around Pearland.

Recent Projects

Daniel Scott Engineering strives to provide the most responsive, highest quality work at all times.
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