Daniel Scott Engineering offers sustainable drainage planning solutions to help minimize the potential for flooding.

We conduct flood-risk assessment, and then channel water flow appropriately by exploring rainwater harvesting, pervious surfaces and infiltration trenches and basins to provide a solution that’s right for your property.



Daniel Scott Engineering offers a thorough assessment of flood risks and drainage issues on every project. Because every site is different, it is not a one size fits all approach.

Our team brings an extensive body of knowledge of hydrology and hydraulics to the table.

Our drainage planning services include:

Stormwater Management

Creating a plan to best collect and divert water that runs off pavement, sidewalks, and rooftops during storm events.

Erosion Control

Minimizing the loss of soil from stormwater runoff.

Detention and Floodplain Mitigation

Minimizing the impact of development by detaining and mitigating the increase in stormwater runoff.

Why Daniel Scott Engineering?

Daniel Scott Engineering can quickly assess what your site needs are, thanks to our training and experience in the Houston area.

Our engineers go the extra mile to make sure your design complies with local regulations and design criteria.

Here are a few reasons you should hire Daniel Scott Engineering for your drainage planning project:


We’re familiar with the soils and hydrology typical to the greater Houston area.


We’ve designed drainage plans for single-family residential development, multi-family development, commercial/governmental developments, and places of worship.


Our licensed engineers are experienced with drainage planning software and methodology.

frequently asked questions

What does a drainage engineer need to complete a plan?

We will require your site plan or land plan from your architect or designer, plus the topographic information from your surveyor. We will analyze this information and provide you with a complete drainage plan for your site.

I already have water detention structures on my property. How can Daniel Scott Engineering help me with those?

Daniel Scott Engineering will inspect your water detention structures (including stormwater basins, retention ponds, etc.) to make sure they’re installed and functioning properly.

If anything is wrong, we can work with your budget to fix the problems or recommend improvements for any additional development of your site.

Can you help with flooding issues on my 1-acre lot?

Yes, we can. We have more than 30 years of experience in the Houston area. We can help design a drainage plan for a lot of any size.

We started a drainage project, but had to abandon it due to circumstances beyond our control, can you use our old plans and re-start the project again?

We can help you with this project, however we must analyze the site to confirm that the drainage plan is in compliance with current drainage regulations.

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