Daniel Scott Engineering has extensive experience and training in floodplain management.



Daniel Scott Engineering offers services to help reduce the losses from flooding.

Our Certified Floodplain Managers (CFM’s) have over 30 years of experience working with local, state, and federal stakeholders in floodplain management.

Our Floodplain Management Services include:

Floodplain Mapping

Delineating the areas of land in flood-prone areas, including 100-year floodplains and flood ways.

Flood Risk Assessments

Identifying risks from flooding in and around flood-prone areas.

Flood Protection

Putting man-made water control structures and methods into place to protect lives and property.

Why Daniel Scott Engineering?

During the aftermath of Tropical Storm Allison, Dan Johnson (president of Daniel Scott Engineering) managed the $20 Million Buyout Program for FEMA in the City of Friendswood.

This storm damaged over 500 homes; most of which were in the 100-year floodplain. As a result of this project, the City was able to significantly reduce the number of repetitive loss structures.

Here are a few reasons you should hire Daniel Scott Engineering for your floodplain management needs:


We’re familiar with floodplain mapping including FEMA LOMRs and LOMAs.


We have certified floodplain managers (CFMs) on staff.


We’ve consulted on large and small floodplain management projects in the Houston area.

frequently asked questions

What is a floodplain?

In its most simple form, a floodplain is a low-lying area that is subject to flooding.

What is floodplain management?

Floodplain management is the technical process of deciding to develop or not develop in floodplains with the goals of reducing loss of life and property. It involves detailed scientific and engineering analysis.

Can you tell me if my property is in a floodplain?

Yes. We’ve worked with a number of property owners in flood-prone areas in and around Houston. We also have experience working with map revisions and amendments (LOMRs and LOMAs) with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Why should I hire a certified floodplain manager (CFM)?

Individuals with the CFM certification are professionals who are knowledgeable of regulations and design practices regarding land development in flood-prone areas.

How can homeowners and businesses protect themselves from losses due to flooding?

The best way to do this is to buy flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

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