Residential Developments | Daniel Scott Engineering has assisted in the development of numerous residential subdivisions in the Houston and surrounding areas.

Developing an aesthetically appealing residential subdivision requires detailed planning, superior expertise and first-rate professionalism, all of which make Daniel Scott Engineering a perfect choice.



Daniel Scott Engineering has designed both single-family and multi-family residential developments. You may be familiar with the Sterling Creek Ranch development in Friendswood, TX, located in one of the most desirable cities in the Houston area.

 We have also performed extensive single-family subdivision design in League City, Alvin, Pearland, and Friendswood.

 Our Residential Subdivision Services include:

Sewer, Drainage & Land Planning

Developing the best plan to optimize the use of location of buildings, sewer systems, streets, sidewalks, etc. on a plot.

Platting Assistance

Creating an accurate depiction of the division of your property in map form for approval by your surveyor and the required permitting entities.

Why Daniel Scott Engineering?

If you choose to work with us to develop your residential subdivision, you will receive a comprehensive plan.

Your concept plan will include platting, site grading, erosion control, roadway design, sewer system design, water distribution, and stormwater management.

Here are a few reasons you should hire Daniel Scott Engineering for your residential subdivision project:


We have all the services in-house you need to complete your project.


We have lots of local recent experience.


Our staff are experts with drainage planning software and field technology.

frequently asked questions

My lot is less than five acres, can you help me develop it for multi-family use?

Yes we can help with any size lot.

Do you only work with private land developers?

No, we can work with municipalities or private citizens.

I’ve heard getting permits for residential development is complicated. Can you help with that?

Yes, we can. Whether it’s permits for driveway cuts, water and sewer, or environmental reasons, we have you covered. We’ve done it all.

Are you familiar with floodplain issues?

We’ve been doing business in the greater Houston area for more than 12 years. We’re extremely familiar with the unique issues regarding floodplains and floodways in this area.

What do I have to do to conserve some trees on my property?

We can work with you and your budget to develop a tree conservation plan for your project.

Recent Projects

Daniel Scott Engineering strives to provide the most responsive, highest quality work at all times.
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