Platting And Zoning Services | Daniel Scott Engineering has experience with platting and zoning services in residential and commercial settings.



Daniel Scott Engineering offers services for creating plat maps and properly zoning of parcels. We’ll help you file the requisite permits properly with the local and/or state officials so that you’re well on your way to developing your tract.

Our services include the following:


Establishing the exterior boundaries and interior subdivisions for a piece of property.


Designating the use or classification of a piece of property, in addition to building setbacks, sizes, and heights on the property.

Why Daniel Scott Engineering?

We strive to have a clear understanding of the needs and goals of every design project before we set out. This is done to save precious resources. We pride ourselves in being meticulous and efficient.

Here are a few reasons you should hire Daniel Scott Engineering for your platting and zoning project:


We have highly-skilled technicians with experience in platting of land parcels of any size.


We have an exceptional working history with the City of Houston and surrounding areas.

frequently asked questions

Are you familiar with the steps of platting?

Yes, we are aware of the compliance requirements, submitting/approval meeting schedules, and forms/fees associated with the process. Call us at (281) 519-8530

After my plat is approved, what’s next?

The next step in this process is getting your building permits together, provided the plat is zoned properly. We can help you determine zoning and permitting too.

Call us at (281) 519-8530

Which comes first, platting or zoning?

That depends on the current state of the property. Contact us at (281) 519-8530 so we can discuss this further.

What are the different types of zoning in the Houston area?

Zoning ordinances in the greater Houston area include residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural.

Contact us at (281) 519-8530.

What other things should my zoning take into consideration?

You should also consider sidewalks, street lights, crosswalks, and bridges.

Contact us at (281) 519-8530.

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